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Netfirms announces upgrades to its web hosting product line
Upgrades give customers more disk space and bandwidth, plus the ability to host unlimited websites

Toronto, ON - March 14, 2007 - Netfirms, the leading web hosting company for small and medium sized businesses (SMB), announced today upgrades to its line of business website hosting products, including massive disk space and bandwidth increases, plus the ability to host unlimited websites on business accounts.

Disk space and bandwidth on Netfirms hosting plans have increased by as much as 1,250%. In addition, Netfirms launched MultiWebsite(TM) - allowing customers to host unlimited domains and websites, and set up e-mail accounts for each domain name. These changes come with no change in prices.

"We are 100% focused on delivering the most comprehensive web hosting solutions to our customers," says Netfirms President Thomas Savundra, "Our clustered server architecture allows us to continually set new standards in web hosting performance and features."

Upgraded business hosting plans include:

ADVANTAGE Plan - $9.95/mo.
Disk space increased from 20 GB to 250 GB
Monthly bandwidth increased from 750 GB to 2,000 GB

BUSINESS Plan - $14.95/mo.
Disk space increased from 40 GB to 300 GB
Monthly bandwidth increased from 1,500 GB to 3,000 GB

"We asked our customers what they want from their hosting provider and the answer was a resounding 'everything'," says Netfirms Product Manager Jason Matheson, "So that's what we've given them - massive space and bandwidth, unlimited websites, the ability to run both Windows and Linux, and a load-balanced clustered architecture that keeps everything running smooth and fast. It's the perfect web development platform."

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