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Netfirms Unified Windows/Linux Hosting Platform Appeals to Web Developers
Web host sees High Customer Demand for Flexible MultiPlatformTM Technology

TORONTO, ON October 30, 2007-- Netfirms, Inc. ( the first web host to offer a unified Windows and Linux web hosting platform, has seen a high demand for its MultiPlatform(TM) technology since its launch in February 2007. Web developers are attracted to MultiPlatform hosting technology because of its flexibility - the platform allows web developers to use both Microsoft Windows and Linux-based web development tools simultaneously.

Netfirms recently surveyed 1,000 customers about which features were most important in their decision to choose Netfirms MultiPlatform. Results indicated that Microsoft features, including MSSQL, ASP.Net 2.x and ASP.Net 1.x were most important. In terms of Linux features, web developers ranked PHP 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1 and MySQL as most important.

Overall, Windows and Linux MultiPlatform features ranked most important to web developers when choosing a web host, above price, online research, and advice from colleagues or friends. The findings indicate a strong attraction to the flexibility of being able to use Microsoft Windows and Linux features on one single account.

Nadeem Bilail Bhatti, CEO & Web Developer, (, a web development company, uses Netfirms MultiPlatform for its flexibility. Bhatti has been developing websites and customized applications for over ten years using Windows and Linux platforms, including classic ASP, ASPX, PHP, Perl. "We selected Netfirms because they offer both Windows and Linux hosting in the same hosting plan, so we don't have to commit to one or the other anymore," states Bhatti.

"Our research shows that web developers want the flexibility of using both Windows and Linux environments to build their websites," says Thomas Savundra, president of Netfirms, Inc. "That's what attracts web developers to our seamlessly integrated MultiPlatform technology."

Netfirms Multiplatform is available on Netfirms Business(R) and Netfirms Enterprise(R) hosting plans starting at $14.95/month, which include ASP.NET 1.0 and 2.0, SQL Server 2005, Apache, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Perl, and PHP. Customers who select the Netfirms Business plan can build their website with both Microsoft and Linux functionality plus get 300 GB of disk space, 3,000 GB transfer, five free domain names, email, e-commerce, statistics and 24/7 customer support.

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